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A Chinwag with Keg

An elusive, mysterious fog has settled over my brain since seeing a gig last November, I can't quite shake it off. Whether it was the mic'd up seashell, the dissonant, yet wonderfully harmonious clash of instruments, or just the beers, whatever I experienced that night, Keg had something to do with it. So I decided to call them in over email a while back for a little chat about what's to come. Pictures by Katie Allen (@ktallen0) and Ann (@phatbitch123)

How did Keg come to be? What's your origin story? When did this sect of talented wizards collectively emerge from the rehearsal rooms? Tell me all.

We achieved full septet form in late 2019, birthed out of sister project Spang Sisters with the desire to play fast and sweaty.

What's in the pipeline in terms of releases? I've only heard one track from you so far, but having seen you back in November at the Amersham Arms, I'm well excited.

Our first Single off of the EP will be released in mid July, full EP in October on Alcopop Records. We’ve been sat on these tracks for almost two years now so we’re all very excited to exercise the demons and show everyone our plumage.

Elements of your music remind me of bands like Essential Logic or Talking Heads - off the top of your heads, could you point out some influences which count towards your sound?

Both are definitely in there for sure. Primus, Cate le Bon, minutemen etc.

The name Keg implies you love getting on the beers, can you confirm this is true? And if so, when finally given the opportunity, what will you name your official Keg brew?

We’re all under 18 so it would have to be some kind of shandy. Not sure about our brew but signature snack would definitely be called Keglets.

So you guys are Brighton based, what's your favourite Brighton haunt to loiter around in, and why?

On Sundays we get Will's table out on the street and drink espressos wearing suits, shoot the shit, toss the crab etc.

The Keg experience in person is an incredible sight to witness, and with the slow re-opening of British nightlife, I was wondering if you had any plans to gig or even tour in the coming months?

The gigs are cautiously coming in slowly but surely. Aside from the support slots over the summer, the eventual aim is to do a full seaside town tour, Skegness to Penzance, and support Madness.

What's with the seashell? Where did that come from? Are there any plans to incorporate other kinds of shells into the set, maybe nutshells as castanets?

Charlie is a bin man of mystery, better not question his methods, he insists on it and we can’t argue with him.

In one sentence, send out a message to your fans all over the world!

Change your pants and socks every day, always kiss your mother.

You can find Keg on Instagram at @kegband and you can also now stream their debut single, Heyshaw. Really excited to see what these boys do, best of luck to them!


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