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A Sun-Soaked Surprise from Hutch

This dreamy track is exactly what I was expecting and hoping for from Brighton-based pied pipers, Hutch. With their expanded lineup including a talented harpist, this band has made a dent in the circuit with their not-so-run-of-the-mill debut single, Radiator Centre.

The track itself is mesmerising and crisp in equal parts, with two contrasting segments to the song - first, the band plays around with the classic indie / psychedelic sound, just what you’d expect from a young Brighton band born in the seaside town. Yet weaved in between the main structure of the song are captivating, delightful intervals full of reverb-soaked guitar, free-wheeling harp notes and loose drumming.

In its entirety, the song is a grand homage to British sunshine, and leaves me longing for days spent on Brighton beach: getting horribly sunburnt, yeeting rocks at seagulls trying to snag your chips and watching funny blokes lighting up zoots with a wary, vigilant look on their face.

It’s become crystal clear to me, especially since putting them on last year at one of our Big Richard nights at the Amersham Arms, that Hutch are a band to keep an eye on. Their sound is refined, they’re tight as fuck, and they’re clearly in love with music. And not to mention, they’re independent and grind harder than some bands out there.


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